Path to Oblivion

by Hot Flow Anomaly

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First EP by Hot Flow Anomaly, recorded at Chas' shack and Rivendell Studios. Recording band: Tom Adams, Jonth Adams, Mike Wieland


released June 1, 2014

Thanks to Mike Wieland on drums and Jonth Adams on bass.Produced, mixed and mastered by Tom Adams



all rights reserved


Hot Flow Anomaly Brampton, UK

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Track Name: Star Lady
She came, caught on the breath of a solar wind – Oh oh
Deep in the heart of the vortex,
Eyes filled with jet black light,
So I thought she just might
Show me the path to oblivion.


Where she leads,
I must go.
So deep, I never thought about it.
How I bleed,
She must know.
Chasing the star lady oh!

The sweet melody of a million dying souls - Hey
Sustained her on the journey through the ether.
Words written in the sand.
Was my future just planned - Mmm
By the merest whim of her desire?


Is she toying with me, can’t read her face.
Fathomless as the depths of the ocean.
I never counted the cost.
Now I know I am lost.
If only I could reach her
Track Name: Strontium Dog
You're a broken warrior with flesh of stone,
Heart of ice, but with fire in your bones.

Noone knows of the trouble you're in,
Reaping your reward from the wages of sin.

Twice as mean is the killer without corruption.
Better face your destruction.

Big city mind in a small town boy,
Takes your soul then sucks out the joy.

Chasing your prey with unholy heat,
Pounding the trail with your voodoo beat

It all comes together in a place called desolation.
Witness life's cessation.

Middle 8

Nightmares rattle all around your head.
Once they break out then we're double dead.

Curse on your skin writ with fevered hands,
Hiding in the sun til we make our stand.

A man within a man, which is no man at all.
See the angels fall.